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packaging technology

With advanced engineering and innovative manufacturing techniques we are able to deliver recyclable, lightweight and robust containers that take advantage of the amazing properties that polymers have to offer.  Join us at the forefront of polymer container design and technology.

Oxebar are the only manufacturer in the world making kegs as large as 50 litres. In order to make this large blow moulded container we’ve designed and commissioned a new type of injection stretch blowing machine. This advancement in machine technology has led to this size being possible for the first time.

This large one way keg is ideal for high turnover beverages. This particular large size is ideally suited to the Australian market where excise tax is lower for kegs that are over 48 litres. The typical saving for a 5% ABV beer is $35 AUD when a 50L keg is used. In many instances this makes the smaller 30L kegs uneconomical.

Oxebar are the only manufacturer in the world making PET(polyethylene terephthalate) pressure rated fermenters.  In order to make these unique Fermenters/Uni-Tanks we have had to really push the boundaries on what blow molding machinery can do.  After several years of product development finally the Fermentasaurus was born in 2017.

Unlike any other fermenter in the world this conical, pressurisable fermenter has excellent clarity so you can see the fermentation process in action.  You can then carbonate and dispense from the same vessel.  The unique properties of this vessel also make it easy to produce beer just like the large breweries.  Being able to ferment under pressure also means you can really control and limit the oxygen exposure, ferment cleaner beers with less ester production in less time.  Many award winning beers have already been created in this superior fermenting vessel and now they are available to home brewers around the world.

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