PET and the Environment

Here at Oxebar, we primarily use Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in the products that we produce.  PET is a fantastic plastic with high tensile strength, excellent gas barrier properties, and good chemical resistance which is some of the reasons why we use it so much.

Another major benefit of PET is the environmental benefit.  Unlike some plastics PET is infinitely recyclable.  It can be chipped up, re-heated and melted into new products.  It’s also possible to use a process of depolymerisation to break down PET into it’s original monomers.  This pathway allows PET to be efficiently converted back into food grade plastic without the need for down-cycling meaning it is truly recyclable.

One of our major challenges using PET is making sure that the PET ends up in the right recycling channels so it can continue on this infinite path of recycling.  In all OECD countries around the world recycling rates of PET have steadily increased over the past Decade which is a good sign but part of our job is not only to produce fantastic blow molded products but also to make sure they are recycled correctly.  For more information about how to most effectively recycle our products please email us.


Kegasaurus Chime Buy Back Scheme
During the manufacture of the 30Liter and 50Liter Kegasaurus kegs we use a black plastic polypropylene top and bottom chime.  These Chimes can be removed from the kegs fairly easily and they also nest when they stack so more than 500 chimes can be stacked on a pallet and shipped back to Oxebar PTY LTD in Springvale.  When these are returned they can be washed and re-used in the production of new kegs.  Oxebar will pay several hundred dollars for a pallet of Chimes that are returned.  This further improves the environmental impact of using plastic.


Kegasaurus Revival Project
Although the Kegasaurus kegs are manufactured as a single use beer keg there is no reason why they cannot be re-used in other industries or for other projects.  The food grade plastic makes these containers suitable for storage of water for camping, the processing of olives, fermenting Kombucha, using the kegs for home brewing.  Oxebar PTY LTD sell tools to remove the keg valve and also sell closures for these kegs so that the valves can be removed and either flat caps and be used on the kegs or even Cornelius/Postmix type ball lock posts can be put onto the top of the keg.

There are also various ideas that our customers have used the old kegs for and some of these ideas have been posed on the Oxebar Facebook Page.  Ideas such as using the old kegs for water rockets, lamp shades etc.  For more information join our Facebook group.