Fermentasaurus 35L

The Fermentasaurus is the world’s first conical PET fermenter that is pressurisable up to 2.4 Bar working pressure. This new model of fermenter has only been possible to manufacture using a highly specialized PET grade and a new type of PET injection/blow moulding machine that has been commissioned in Springvale, Victoria, Australia. This Australian made product will change the way home brew is made and greatly simplify the home brewing process.

Setup Options

The Fermentasaurus can be sold as an unpressurisable (as shown above) fermenter. In this configuration the fermenter is supplied with a lid that just has a hole for the airlock as shown below. This basic system is great for customers that are not interested in carbonating in the Fermentasaurus but want all the advantages of the conical shape and clear wall so they can see the clarification process in action and dump yeast when necessary.

Ferment, clarify and carbonate in one vessel with the Fermentasaurus

Home brewers can see the yeast in action as the Fermentasaurus is crystal clear. You can dump yeast from the conical shape and clarify the beer without the need to rack off into another vessel. In the past clarifying beer meant racking from one fermenter to another increasing the risks of infection and oxidation. Don’t waste time and put your beer at risk; now you can ferment, clarify and carbonate in one vessel.

Innovative Floating Dip Tube Design

When you purchase the Pressure Kit you get the 60cm silicone dip tube and stainless float. These components are also sold separately and can be used to fit onto the dip tube of a normal ball lock or pin lock keg. The main benefit of a floating dip tube is that you are always drawing liquid from the top of the vessel meaning you can drink clear beer even before the yeast and sediment has completely settled to the bottom of the fermenter.

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