If a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, a Video is Worth...

This is a good place to start. This video covers the benefits of using this revolutionary type of Uni Tank and why we decided to design and manufacture this awesome product:

Short video on unboxing and setting up the Fermentasaurus:

The job that all home brewers dread. It’s a boring topic but we all have to do it and here is a video on how we recommend you sanitise and clean the Fermentasaurus:

Using the Fermentasaurus under pressure is what this product is all about. Although you don’t technically need the pressure kit to use the Fermentasaurus this pressure kit really unlocks the true potential of this great design. This video covers the basics of fermenting under pressure.

Just a few tips on fermenting under pressure:

This video is a short one on the rotating rack arm accessory that can be purchased separately and it also shows of a tinted Fermentasaurus unit that we are able to make:

Ahhh, the smell of hops. You have to be a brewer to really understand. Dry hopping is a relatively new method of boosting the hop aroma of your beer. This video covers additions of dry hops using the yeast collection bottle and also talks about making other additions. Using these methods you will be able to significantly reduce dissolved oxygen in your beer which further increases the freshness and shelf life of your precious amber liquid.
NOTE: We do not recommend adding more than 30 grams of hops at a time if you are using the yeast collection bottle. If you add too much hops at one time you can clog the butterfly valve.

Hydro testing is a necessary safe step to any pressure vessel. There are many ways to easily hydro test the Fermentasaurus and here are just a couple simple methods that you can use to start performing your own hydro tests at home.

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