Kegasaurus 50L

50 Litre Kegasaurus Keg
We are the only manufacture in the world making kegs as large as 50 Litre.  In order to make this large size of blow molded contained we had to design and commission a new type of injection stretch blowing machine.  This advancement in machinery had led to this size being possible.

This large size one way keg is ideal for high turnover beverages.  This large size is also ideally suited to the Australian market where excise tax is lower for kegs that are above 48litres.  The typical saving vary between AUD$30-60 depending on the alcohol content when a 50L keg is sold in Australia.  In many instances this makes the smaller 30L kegs uneconomical.

Working Pressure: 3.0 Bar
Burst Pressure: Over 8.5 Bar
Diameter x Height: 300mm x 882mm
Keg Body: PET
Chimes: High Impact PP – Interlocking and Stackable Design
Nominal Size: 50Litres


A specification sheet can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:
Kegasaurus Specification Sheet.pdf