Kegasaurus 30L and 50L

Oxebar are the only manufacturer in the world making kegs as large as 50 litres. In order to make this large blow moulded container we’ve designed and commissioned a new type of injection stretch blowing machine. This advancement in machine technology has led to this size being possible for the first time.  The Large 50L kegs are designed specifically for the Australian market where we give lower excise tax breaks for kegs that are over 49L.  We also manufacture 30L kegs too which have enabled many breweries in Australia to expoit oversease markets.

Fully Compatible

The Kegasaurus kegs are made to be fully compatible with existing filling and dispensing equipment.  In 2017 we have all kegs being manufactured with the standard A-type valve.  In late 2018 we have a new design of D-type and S-type valve that will also be available.  These valve types are compatible with standard Micromatic fittings so neither the brewery or the bar is required to change anything.  Dispence the keg just like you would a stainless keg.

Cost Savings

The Kegasaurus literally half the freight cost.  No lost stainless steel, no washing, no cleaning, no tied up capital in kegs and no problem dealing with surges in demand.  A reduction in overall operating costs is what makes Kegasaurus kegs valuable to any growing brewery.


Kegasaurus kegs are designed with integrated pressure relief valve.  This simple design charecteristic is an essencial feature makes our keg safer than other one way kegs on the market.  Why take the risk?


The chimes on our kegs are designed with high impact polypropylene chimes.  These chimes are far more resistant to bumps and physical abuse than other one way kegs.  The kegs container no paper labels or cardboard and both chimes have been designed to drain out completly.  So feel free to hose the kegs down.  That's what they are designed for.

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Custom Color

Due to the fact that we manufacture the preforms on site we have the unique advantage that we can easily customise the colours/tints used. We can manufacture the kegs with various colours and make the kegs anything from crystal clear (as show in photo) to jet black or even metallic.