2018 20L Generation 2 Kegs
Oxebar is currently developing a new Generation 2 design of Fermentasaurus one way keg.  This new keg design will go into production in late 2018.  These new slimline kegs will be manufactured with both a petaloid base and also a slightly more expensive bottom chime design.

Below is the new design with bottom PP chime.  The chimes are interlocking and stackable making the kegs stable when palletised.

Petaloid Base 20L Kegasaurus Keg

Side View 20L Fermentasaurus Keg Generation 2 Design

20 Litre Kegasaurus Keg
Oxebar are currently in the process of designing a new slimline 20L keg.  This new design will have several advantages over the current 30L and 50L design and some of these benefits include:

Integrated Handles
The next generation of 20L kegs will have integrated handles whereby the handles are injection molded into the preform neck of the keg in one piece.  This makes the kegs significantly faster to manufacture, reduces cost and also makes the kegs easier to recycle.

Higher Working Pressures
The new 20L keg design has significantly higher (about 20%) working pressure.

Lower Cost Per Liter
Due to the new method of manufacturing the top handles and also other efficiencies in the manufacturing process the kegs will be less expensive to produce and have a lower cost per liter when compared with the current 30L kegs.

More Robust Design
As the kegs will contain less payload and have smaller diameter but have similarly thick plastic walls the kegs are more resistant to damage during drops and other impacts.

Working Pressure: TBA
Burst Pressure: TBA
Diameter x Height: TAB
Keg Body: PET
Chimes: PET top Chime and PP bottom Chime
Nominal Size: 20Litres