Filling Hardware

Kegasaurus kegs are used just like a normal keg and because they are designed with standard micromatic compatible valves they work on standard filling equipment.  Unlike some of the other bag in keg designs, Kegasaurus kegs can be filled in the inveted or upright position for maximum flexibility.

Compatibility with Existing Filling Hardware
The Kegasaurus kegs have already proven to be compatible with KHS, M&F Micromat Filling Machines, Framaxx and other machines.  Some minor customisation of the machine may be necessary such as changing the programming on the PLC to skip the washing cycle and go directly to filling.  Also if the 50L Kegasaurus kegs are used there may be some more significant changes requried.

Manual Filling
Oxebar can provide Micromatic manual filling couplers which are easy to use and filling rates of 20kegs per hour can be achieved using this simple technique.  All that is required are digital weigh scales and the filling coupler.

Semi-Automated Filling Machines
Oxebar can provide the MaxxLoad Filling machine which is a good value semi-automated filling machine that can be used to fill up to 40kegs per hour.  For more information on this product please contact us for an information sheet.