Reuse and Recycling

Kegasaurus kegs are 100% recyclable.  In different countries your recycling methods may be slightly different.

High Impact Polypropylene Chimes
If possible the black high impact polypropylene chimes can be stacked and returned to Oxebar for washing and re-use.  Oxebar will buy back these chimes if they are returned in good condition.  Due to the stackable/nested nature of the chime design it is possible to fit more than 400 chimes to a pallet making the return freight on these quite economical.  If however it's not possible to return the chimes they can be recycled by your closest plastic recycler.

PET Body
The PET blown body of the kegs can be easily recycled at a wide variety of recycling centres around the world.  The easiest way to recycle these is to, depressurise, squash flat then place in your ordinary recycling bin with your other soda/soft drink bottles.

Keg Valve
The keg valve is made of nylon, rubber and stainless steel springs.  Depending on your local recycler these can normally be chipped up and separated into the different recycling streams but check with your local recycler as to the best way to dispose the valve.

If you require any further information regarding recycling please contact us by phone or email.