Ordering & Pricing

To order most efficiently and without and without error we request that all orders are made by email.

We do not take orders over the phone or via FAX. All orders must be sent via email.

Orders take 24hrs to process.

All orders must be paid for in full before they are dispatched. We have two valid methods of payment, EFT Bank Transfer or Cash on Pickup. We do not accept credit card payments and do not accept cheques. For EFT payments it will take 1 business day for the payment to clear.

Oxebar is not a retail supplier. We supply to wholesale customers only. Retail sales can be organised by one of our distributors. To see a full list of distributors follow this link:
Oxebar Distributors


  1. Read Specifications and Safe Handling Instructions
    It is imperative that before using, purchasing, selling, or transmitting any Oxebar product to anyone else that you and anyone you transmit the products to are familiar with all information within the Specifications and Safe Handling Instructions.  These can be downloaded using the links below:Kegasaurus – Specifications and Safe Handling Instructions
    Fermentasaurus – Specifications and Safe Handling Instructions
  2. Register Your Company Details with us by filling out the registration form.  This just needs to be done once.  The form can be downloaded here:
    Registration Form
  3. Download the order template in PDF or as Excel File:
    Excel Template
    PDF Template 
  4. Email orders to:


Kegasaurus Pricing
Fermentasaurus Pricing
(NOTE: Fermentasaurus pricing requires password that can be supplied after you register your business with us)