Pallet Efficiency

Pallet Efficiency
On a standard Chep or Loscam pallet the kegs can be placed on the pallet in a 4×4 stacking configuration meaning you can get 16 kegs per layer.  The kegs can be safely stacked 2 high when full.  Full pallets of kegs can be also be double stacked if necessary.  This dense pallet stacking configuration makes these one way kegs significantly more efficient than traditional stainless steel kegs.


Kegs Per Pallet (2 layers high) Total Litres to Pallet
30L Kegasaurus Kegs 32 Kegs 960 Litres
50L Kegasaurus Kegs 32 Kegs 1600 Litres
Traditional Stainless Steel Kegs 18 Kegs 900 Litres\