Single Stage Molding

Unlike other one way kegs the Kegasaurus kegs are the first one way kegs in the world manufactured from patented single stage machinery.

Various advantages of the single stage technology allow us to manufacture the Kegasaurus kegs more efficiently and with excellent oxygen and carbon dioxide transmission rates.  This makes our process highly advantageous for carbonated beverages and/or oxygen sensitive beverages.

Single Stage Vertical Integration
Due to the fact that our production line manufactures the keg preforms inline we do not have to involve a third party to injection mold preforms or import preforms from overseas.

More Electrically Efficient
Our single stage process is able to convert raw PET into blown PET keg bodies without need to reheat preforms.  As well as not requiring a preform heating oven we also employ the use of sevo driven hydraulics for the hydraulic clamping unit.  These features as well as various other innovative design aspects make our machinery the most electrically efficient machine in the world at converting raw PET into finished kegs.

Superior Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Barrier
Due to our unique preform manufacturing process we are able to manipulate the inner surface of the PET keg.  This gives us a laminated cross section of the keg wall which improves gas transmission rates while also giving the kegs a visually appealing pearlescents.  This perlescents also significantly improves the visual light and UV light barrier properties.

Single Stage Flexibility
Manufacturing the preforms in our single stage machine means that we are able to quickly customise and change the colours of our kegs to suit our customers retirements.  This level of packaging flexibility would not be possible with traditional 2 stage manufacturing with long lead times and normally large minimum order quantities.  Have a look at some of the vibrant colours that we can do below.