The Team

We’re excited about polymers


To maintain the quality of your beverages over long distances, you need a reliable and cost effective way to package and deliver your oxygen sensitive products.  While there are other medias such as paper, glass, stainless steel and aluminium that have tried to address the issue of packaging oxygen sensitive products, none of these can match the light weight, efficient, cost effective and amazing attributes of Oxebar polymer containers.

In the pursuit of better oxygen barrier packaging Oxebar delivers advanced manufacturing of blow moulded containers.  Our production plant in Springvale, Victoria is home to the world’s first single stage PET blow moulding machine that is capable of manufacturing containers as large as 50 litres in size.

Our team of engineers have a breadth of experience in polymer technology, packaging design, automation and robotics.  Through innovative manufacturing technology our team is dedicated to delivering you optimized containers to ensure you can provide an efficient and cost effective way to deliver your products to your customers without compromising the quality of your beverages.